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Just Released: There Are No Rules

Why do bad things happen to good people?
We all ponder that ancient question, yet we can never know precisely what our fellow men and women are dealing with day to day. The randomness of tragedy has existed since The Book of Job, and we still want a reason for unfair punishment of the innocent. We want justice and even vengeance, but sometimes, it comes down to simply surviving the daily grind.
Henry Taylor Millard, the highly rated author of An Honorable Place, draws on his own struggles and of those close to him to provide this inspirational story of pushing past the trials of life and the sorrows of trauma. The story of Anastasia and Cam, who meet in college, is a remarkable testament to the people
we meet when we are young, that remain friends and support each other as their lives intertwine over decades. They are supported by their circle of friends and the wise mentoring of Cam’s grandmother, Granzie. Rich characters drive the story with surprising humor amidst the hardships.
It’s the story of us all—how to live through anything life tosses your way, no matter how painful.

Synopsis: An Honorable Place

When a black haired three-year-old girl is found wounded in a dumpster outside the small town of Travis City, Texas, the mystery of who she is and how she got there sets off a thirty-year saga of two diverse families. The little girl, named Lourdes, is adopted by Danny and Maria Sanchez, a loving poor couple, and the child flourishes assisted by the town patriarch William Barrett Downs the Third, and her own special talents. We follow Lourdes Sanchez over thirty years and feel all of her victories, along with her soul searching sorrows. A story of what it means to be from Texas, in a time when many in the world wonder why this land is so special to its citizens. You will want to be from Travis City, Texas if you still believe in honor, work ethic and the power of the individual. 

About Taylor

Henry Taylor Millard is a seventh-generation Texan who lives on the same East Texas cattle operation his forefathers established in 1836. He faithfully attends the Old North Baptist Church, founded in 1838, with his wife Sandy. He is active in the livestock and insurance business and in his younger years co-hosted a radio talk show and even emceed a comedy club. He enjoys public speaking and owns a skeet club. He adores his grandchildren, loves his kids, enjoys good food of all kinds, and dove hunting with old buddies. All his friends would tell you, he loves a good story and getting a hearty laugh out of anyone he meets. He also knows the world seeks opportunity in the United States, but the smartest ones come to Texas.

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